Embedded motor control

The ctrl + elec project aims at developing embedded advanced control strategies for Synchronous motors from surface mounted motors to reluctance motors.

The key concept of this project is to facilitate the use of motors with less or no rare earths, by enabling rapid prototyping of control laws thanks to a flexible on-board control platform. This platform will enable any engineer to easily implement and tune more efficient and adapted optimal control laws, thus accelerating the transition to this type of motor, while guaranteeing the robustness and performance required by the industry. This embedded approach offers a number of advantages, such as the ability to configure the controller without the need for an expert operator, and the use of a lightweight algorithm suitable for small, low-budget microcontrollers.

The aim of this site is to present the research work carried out at the Ampère laboratory at INSA Lyon, as well as to offer tutorials for embedded control of electrical machines.

Research collaborations

The work presented in this website is the result of research carried out by :